Tatjana is wearing a cardigan and white t-shirt with a bad and a necklace

3Q3S with Tatjana Saphira on Her Daily Essentials and Her Experience

3 Questions 3 Simple Answers

Tatjana Saphira

Tatjana Saphira

As seen on our pretty muse is our Shoku Necklace. Check her look.

In our Series III era, we are happy to enlighten you guys with trivial info about our current favourite person with this 3Q3S. New ideas, experiences and maybe inspirations are about to unfold.
Let's check our pretty muse's answers from Tatjana Saphira herself, we interviewed her awhile ago. 
  • What song do you currently play on repeat?
    • 2 Slow - Mint James
  • If you can only pick one accessory, which one you can't live without?
    • Earrings. When I go out without them, it feels weird.
  • Has this pandemic changed your life?
    • This pandemic has helped shed a light on what truly matters to me. It has also allowed me to find pleasure in the simple things. it's made me appreciate human connection more than ever.
Tatjana Saphira is an actress and one of the most influential celebrity in Indonesia. She's been starting her career since little and still continuing her path in showbiz. In her 3Q3S answers she told us that pandemic doesn't stop her to grow her personality to be a better person and it has enlighten her in so many ways. So what about you guys? Has this pandemic changed you life like what it's done to Tatjana Saphira? Let us know. ✨